The New Paid PAID Vacation

Employee experiences are just as important as customer experiences. In fact, if your employees aren’t ready to deliver the kind of experience your brand promises, your customers won’t get the kind of experience they desire.

On the today show this morning, I was delighted by a new segment that talked about paid paid vacations. You can view the segment for yourself HERE. The concept goes like this, a number of companies including bambooHR, Evernote, Basecamp, and a few others, are offering their employees the usual vacation time plus extra money — that must be spent on the vacation. What a great way, in my opinion, to send a strong signal to the workforce that disconnecting and recharging is important.

I did a little searching on the web and found a 2012 blog post by Bart Lorang (@bartlorang) of that introduced the topic and its rationale four years ago. They’re probably not the first…

From an experience design perspective, imagine what it feels like to be an employee and to be “served notice” that you will have to take a vacation and that (most of) it will be paid for!  That would make me feel essential, recognized, and rewarded — three of the strongest emotions your experiences might signal to your own employees.

So, while you may not be ready to institute a mandatory paid paid vacation policy this year, at least consider how important it is to give your own employees tangible evidence that you care about them, their well-being, and network can also be fun 😉

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