Chuck is a customer insight strategist and helps companies embrace the power of today’s customers with an approach called Customer Thinking.™ This process is a fresh method that combines the best of big data and big insight in order to better understand and emotionally connect with customers. In 1998, he founded MarketPower Group (, a business growth consultancy with a specialty in customer insight research. Chuck and his team translate these findings into actionable insight that brands need to improve their products, services, and experiences.
Chuck speaks and leads workshops to equip executives with the knowledge to understand this seismic shift in the marketplace and put programs in place to profit from the power of their customers. He has interviewed over 100,000 customers for clients across virtually every major category. His clients have included Verizon, Campbell’s Soup, HP, Goodwill International, and Texas A&M University. He has also written two books, Customer CEO: How to Profit from The Power of Your Customers and Stop, Look and Listen (Bibliomotion, 2013).