Sometimes What Customers Need is Just a Helping Paw

We at 360Connext use MailChimp to send out our updates and newsletters, and we love it for many reasons. They provide easy but robust features for building, analyzing, and sending emails to subscribers, as well as managing our contacts.

But there’s another reason I love Mailchimp…

Microinteractions– small moments that can have a huge impact on the customer experience.

MailChimp never fails to pepper the experience with delightful moments. Sometimes they inform, other times they just make us smile! But I’d like to share with you my favorite moment of all.

The Big Red Button

We preach a lot about considering the customer in the moment. And in this case, the folks at MailChimp obviously understand the tense moment of hitting the “Send Now” button.

I’ve been using MailChimp for more than two years. But no matter how well I think I’ve proofread a message, checked the links, and made triple-dog sure I’m sending it to the right people… Once I get down to pressing that final button I still get that feeling like jumping out of a plane with a parachute that will probably work.

If you’ve ever launched an email campaign, you know what I mean!


MailChimp gets it.

They know that after using their great tools to pull things together, nothing can really take away that moment of stress just before launching, so they’ve done their best to address what customers need in that moment and make it more bearable.

Here’s why I think this is so awesome:

Have I covered all the bases? At this point I should be sure I have, but behind this final popup is a quick list of all of those bases for another chance to check in on any or all of them. It’s not too late! (Yet.) This has saved my butt a few times!

This is serous! MailChimp reminds me this is the most crucial part of the process, and clearly marks the point of no return. The checklist is still right here. The monkey seems nervous. Should I be? Will it hurt to go over it again? Absolutely not!

I’m not alone. Not only do they recognize the tension in this moment, but MailChimp shows their iconic monkey sweating, shaking, and experiencing that moment of hesitation as I do. In other words, they understand exactly how I feel in this moment. They’ve been here before, and they want everything to come out right.

Delight! Without downplaying how serious this moment is, MailChimp realizes this is also a moment when I really could use a smile. It’s still serious, but it’s also cool and fun, giving me something other than tension to remember this moment for.

Moments like this create loyalty.

Providing products and services as promised is vital to success in any business, but those things will not keep your customers from trying your competitors.

I know there are other services like MailChimp out there. And maybe they are just as good, or even better. But I have a place in my heart for MailChimp and at this point, it would take a lot to get me to want to try another service.

Are you sure you know which moments add stress to your customer experience? Letting customers know you understand those moments is the key to earning that place in their hearts.

We’re all about helping you find those moments and make them matter.

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Jon Drachenberg is 360Connext’s administrative assistant and go-to guy! After 14 years in retail, struggling to obtain the funding and approval to really make things right for his customers, Jon decided to focus his energy on the things that have always mattered the most to him: creating meaningful content, helping improve peoples’ lives, and just making people feel good. While delighted to help create a better living experience through improving the customer experience with 360Connext, Jon also enjoys cooking, decorating, squishing his toes in the mud, and connecting with his creative side in any way he can.

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