Purple Goldfish Hall of Famer–Besito

Hall of Fame Class of 2012–Besito

Dining out continues to be a bit of a luxury these days. Whether it’s fast food or a sit down restaurant, the fact is that not every household can afford the perk of eating outside their home. Perhaps that’s why when I go out to dine with my family, I’m forever looking forward to those little extras some restaurants will give that ultimately make me want to return to them. From fortune cookies to flying peanuts, it truly is the small touches that make restaurants stand out from their competition. So is the case with today’s Hall of Famer, Besito– a New York restaurant. They like to throw in churros and worry dolls for every patron–and customers love it.


Besito means “little kiss” in Spanish. It also happens to be the name of an authentic Mexican restaurant based in Roslyn, New York. According to their website, each of the now six Besito restaurants is a love story. Their locations are an extension of the connection and respect they feel for one another and the food they share with their customers. It’s a beautiful sentiment that extends from their foundation as a business all the way out to what they feed to their customers and how their customers are treated.


It makes sense that a restaurant would throw in additional food as a “thank you for coming.” At Besito, a churro which is a warm, long spirals of fried dough rolled in cinnamon sugar is delivered in a white paper bag ready for you to take home (you’ll be too full to eat it after your delicious meal–trust me). Along with your churros, a tiny “worry doll” is included to be put under our pillows to take away worries. Both items are deeply rooted in culture, giving that little extra to customers in a very unique way.


Why did you go into business? This is one of those questions that is incredibly important for you to answer, but many business owners aren’t sure how to respond. Besito came about through a love of food and culture. That culture is extended beyond a patron’s single stop at one of their six restaurants, spilling over into a memorable adventure for however long that worry doll lies under said patron’s pillow. 

Today’s Lagniappe (a little something extra thrown in for good measure) – Ready to make your own worry doll who can help take all of your worries away while you sleep? Here’s a video on how to do just that. Don’t worry–they’re quite simple to create.

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