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You might have noticed that I talk a lot about customer experience. Perhaps this is because of how important the experience of your customer is–but how little time companies seem to put into making customer experiences special. One thing I’ve noticed is that over the years, companies big and small have made changes to incorporate a better customer experience. Whether this is because of the dawn of the internet, where company reviews will never die or because companies realized a shift of power was happening no one can really say. Maybe it’s a little bit of both. Either way, the customer experience has certainly changed–and will continue to do so throughout 2017.

According to a recent article on the American Marketing Association’s website:
“It’s no surprise that Forbes named customer experience one of the top digital transformation trends in 2017, considering the massive advances in the industry. But whereas customer experience used to be as simple as smiling at shoppers as they entered a store, companies now need to consider many more of their customers’ needs to meet modern expectations.”
The article goes on to talk about the role of Big Data in this digital transformation. Surprisingly, Big Data plays a bigger role than one might think when it comes to really nailing the overall customer service initiative. It states:
“The customer experience expert [Luis Zunzunegui] lauds companies like Amazon for using the vast amounts of data at their disposal to offer customers exactly what they want, often before they even know they want it. “They gather so much information about their users, they know you better than your own mother,” Zunzunegui says. “It’s not just about a lot of smart people in a room coming up with ideas, you first have to understand what people need.” With cloud computing solutions making it more affordable than ever for companies to process huge amounts of data about their customers, we can expect even more personalized customer experiences in the near future.”
The ideal customer experience doesn’t just stop at a smile or good service. Nowadays, the ideal customer experience extends to personalized solutions. Companies like Amazon really broke the barrier when it came to the immediate gratification needs of humans, and other companies have been trying to play catch-up ever since. That’s why the key to growing your company doesn’t just rely on one thing such as big data or G.L.U.E. or social media or how your website looks. Today’s company growth stems from a solid journey–from seamlessly integrating all of those customer-related ideas into one.

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