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The National CXPA Organization is working hard to put together another stellar Insight Exchange this year in the ATL. Those of us who live in the area have jumped into the mix and are adding some fun things to keep participants busy and help them see our wonderful city. Each evening customer experience practitioners will be able to pick a restaurant of their choosing for dinner at some 30 odd restaurants where reservations for ten have been pre-arranged. Whether traveling alone or with a group, there will something for everyone–regardless of their taste in food. There will also be a fun roof-top party where some talented colleagues will perform and entertain. There’s more…

What about some of the other great venues and experiences the ATL offers? The ATL Local Networking Team and Storyminers decided to Add-On another day. May 5th.

Try these on for size.

Have you ever heard of Human Prototyping®? No, we are not building a modern day version of Frankenstein. Think about it this way. We’ve come up with a way to simulate experience so that teams can see, feel, and understand how their ideas will come off in front of real customers–before spending money on code or construction.


We’re not talking about a Sci-Fi movie here, but reality.Human Prototyping® is brought to life by professional actors from The Alliance Theater and the experience designers from Storyminers. The combination of talents lets retailers and other service brand leaders put their disbelief into suspended animation while they discover, design, and refine the next gen experience at their organizations.
If you stay the extra day, I can’t promise that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will be there, but I can promise you that you’ll experience something magical. 

Then, when your mind is fully engaged and open, we are going to take you to PIRCH. PIRCH ( is a six year-old US specialty retailer for kitchen appliances, plumbing fixtures, and outdoor home gear. With sales approaching $100 million and an in-store customer experience that may be one of the best in retail, this fresh and authentic concept encourages its customers—and their designers—to dream.

The ‘freedom to dream’ promise isn’t just words, it’s supported by the company’s business design. PIRCH is basing its identity and its brand on the idea that people don’t just want to buy stuff. They want to live better lives. They want to have relationships with people. They want to create experience for families and friends and things like that.


When you walk into a PIRCH store, they don’t ask you, “What do you want to buy?” They ask you, “How would you like to live?” and the whole business is set up to answer that question. It is an incredible experience that you will not want to miss.

Not only will you get to tour the showroom with peers and professionals, the Chef of the day will prepare a wonderful lunch in their top of the line kitchen.


The day would not be complete without shopping, so to speak. We will take you on some undercover shopping journeys at one of the Southeasts’ most iconic and profitable malls, Lenox Square. There, you’ll see some of the best retail customer experiences in action and get to speak with the people who provide them. You will see leading edge retail design, great customer service, and some cool tech. Small group discussions will help you activate what you learn as well.


Now aren’t you glad you decided to stay?

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