The Panel

The Panel is the flagship offering of the Global Customer Experience Panel. Your hand-picked team convenes for an hour, a half-day, or a full-day to totally focus on your situation. Whether you are: getting started and need direction; underway with a project and need a course correction; want validation on a strategy or approach; or require on-going oversight, you’ll get objective, balanced, multi-disciplinary input to help you decide quickly and with quality. Teams are selected by you and your CX consultant to cover the perspectives you require. Your CX consultant will write a project brief for panel members and, with your oversight, draft a discussion guide. A convenient time is selected and the appropriate technology is arranged (phone, webinar, video teleconference) for your session(s). Please also mention that our collective ‘voice’ on-line is large enough to be heard and can help our clients make their own brands known. Our reach is close to one million when we combine the power of our social media networks.



GXCP is a team of well-respected and sought-out speakers in their own right. By banding together, this group can fill in the gaps of most CX skills and knowledge sets. The panel can provide an already-assembled expert panel for your event or conference. With a span across the globe, we can fill in based on location, content, expertise and more.

By working together, we can provide unique value that cannot be achieved by individual speakers. We are able to work together with you to create powerful and customized presentations through panel formats, moderation or facilitation, and keynotes designed to inform and entertain. Our programs can also be customized to work together, complementing each other topically to create a truly seamless experience.

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Event Support

The Global Customer Experience Panel can help you achieve great results. If you are running multiple or simultaneous events, our team can deliver consistently and in several locations around the world at once. If you are launching a new product, strategy, or initiative, our team can become your spokespeople. We have the expertise, credentials, and presentation skills to help your ideas win adoption. When experts from another country validate your agenda, the effects are positive. If you need a customer experience speakers bureau, we can offer you carefully matched resources whether they are from our team or the general industry. Our network in this space is unmatched.

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GCXP offers half day and full day workshops. The workshops can be customized to meet your training and learning objectives. Past workshops have included the following areas within customer experience: Strategy and Blueprinting, Making a Business Case, Designing with Emotion, Journey Mapping, Touchpoint Analysis, Creating a VOC Program, Employee Engagement, Measurement and Governance. Workshops and training can also be tailored for webinars, delivering content digitally for global reach.

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The Global CX Panel provides you access to a team of experts in all aspects of customer experience design. The GCXP team will address your needs from understanding customers and employees, to defining your CX program, to design and implementation. Collectively, your Global CX Panel has deep experience with:

  • Revealing Customers’ Needs
  • Encounter Design
  • Selling Experiences
  • Journey Mapping
  • Capability Creation
  • Business Design
  • Experience Pro-Formas (Financial Analysis)
  • Operational Excellence
  • Store and Hospitality Design
  • Change Management
  • Cultural Awareness (Global Perspective)
  • Adaptive Organizational Design
  • Progress Measurement

We partner with clients to identify the most effective approach for their needs. We’ve worked with clients to develop a variety of solutions, from employee training to executive workshops to strategic consulting. The power of the Global CX Panel is the ability to bring a deep bench of expertise and a set of perspectives crossing industries and geographic borders.