It’s Your Turn For Voice Search

It’s not them, it’s you.

Have you used voice search yet?

The answer is probably yes if you’ve got an Amazon Echo or a smart phone.

Have you used voice search in your business to improve your customer’s experience yet?

The answer is probably no, but it shouldn’t be.

The technology it takes so support voice search is readily available. So is what you need to add extra functionality and personalization. It’s not expensive either.

Starbucks and Ford recently announced their partnership to let thirsty coffee drinkers order their favorite beverages from their cars.  Read the Chain Store Age article March 23, 2017 by Deena M. Amato-McCoy


It might not seem like much today, but the infrastructure both companies are installing to make this one feature practical for their shared customers will become a capability both can use to create added value in many other situations. For example, once basic voice search becomes available, it’s not a big leap for Starbucks to know a vehicle’s location (with their customer’s permission, of course) in relation to the store, understand the nearby traffic, and queue up preparation of that customer’s beverage ‘just in time.’ That translates to less backlog in the kitchen, right-temperature beverages upon serving, and less waiting for customers already in the store. On the Ford side (Sync 3 required), your dry cleaner might remind you when you’re nearby to pick up your clothes. Just saying ‘yes’ would alert the dry cleaner to pull your order and walk it to you curbside.

Instead of just being entertained by what they  are doing with technology and customer experience, shouldn’t you be thinking about what voice search can do for your business? Try writing up little scenarios like this one. Invite some colleagues to do the same thing. Once you’ve gathered a few of them, set a meeting (at Starbucks which you’ll drive to in your Sync 3-equipped Ford) to discuss them. Group your ideas, consider which ones are foundational and which might win the attention of customers. Think about the ones that create added value for your customers and for the business. That’s where to start.

Please feel free to share your ideas here 😉

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