Here’s Something To Be Proud Of: Storyminers Blog Made Top 50

Storyminers is quite proud to be included in Chattermill’s top 50 of their:  The Top 100 Customer Experience Blogs You Need to Be Reading.  We think it’s pretty cool because the  selection is powered by Artificial Intelligence. It’s not about the most ‘likes’ and ‘shares’


Yes, the criteria used is based around 3 key areas that Chattermill works in – Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Customer experience.

They pooled together a list of over 300 blog sites and ranked them based on quality of content and relevancy to customer experience / technology. What swung Storyminers over to the top 50 according to Jack Miller, Strategic Partnerships, Chattermill, was the ‘real-world’ focus, case studies and interviews that provide interesting insights into what CX actually looks like, in comparison to other blog posts with more theoretical aspects.

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Thanks Chattermill!




Chattermill is a CX startup that uses Deep Learning & Natural Language Processing to provide clients with customer insights  aimed at improving the overall customer experience & journey.


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