Customer Service is Improved by Matchmaking

“Your call may be recorded for training and quality purposes.”

We’ve all heard this before. Companies use call center recordings for training and compliance purposes. But imagine a solution that uses technology, data and analytics in real-time to automatically match customers to like-minded customer service representatives. Software that uses algorithms to analyze customer speech for tone, tempo, and syntax to identify the customer’s personality type and behavioral preferences.

Mattersight has developed exactly this. A solution that uses millions of pre-built algorithms to automatically decode every second of captured human interaction. Called Predictive Behavioral Routing, Mattersight can easily and instantly route each caller to an agent who has demonstrated a high level of rapport with customers of that type. When that match is made, agents can more easily and more genuinely help customers. No more square pegs in round holes. The whole process becomes more efficient, and without a doubt, this makes for a better experience for customers.

According to Jason Wesbecher, chief marketing officer of Mattersight, “When you think of big data, there’s a ton of data in that spoken conversation. No one is taking that data and trying to operationalize it in a new way.”9 The benefits according to Forrester are four-fold:

1. Incremental revenue

2. Reduced customer service costs and effort

3. Improved customer satisfaction

4. Reduced hiring costs due to a decrease in turnover

Not only does this tool improve the customer experience, but it enhances the employee experience, as well. The software is currently used by major retailers and insurers, including CVS Pharmacy and Esurance. When reps are paired with compatible customers, there’s an increase in positive interactions, which translates to a greater sense of pride because they can perform their jobs better. The bottom line is that people buy from people; and people especially like to buy from—or interact with—people they like and connect with.

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