Customer Experience Design in 7 Minutes

How much can you learn about the present and the future Customer Experience Design in 7 minutes?

Find out by reading an interview I did with Marketforce 20/20, a European Union producer of customer experience conferences. In it, you’ll find practical info to help you with your own customer experience designs and answers to these questions:

  • What are the key trends in CX for 2016?
  • Which experiences around the world impress you most? (You’ll be surprised at one of them ?
  • What’s the single most important factor likely to generate the greatest gain?
  • How do you keep predictive analytics from appearing creepy?
  • What are the three key principles in customer experience design?
  • What did Leo Tolstoy (Russian author of War and Peace) have to say about change?

Enjoy the piece and, if you need an excuse to visit London, check out marketforce’s upcoming events!

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About the Author

During 25 years in 25 countries with 400+ companies, Mike and his clients have co-created over $1.5 billion in measurable impact with his guidance on their experience and business designs . Under the Storyminers brand, he helps retailers design and deploy Store-of-the-Future initiatives that create new business opportunities and rekindle investor interest. Mike is a top 25 customer experience influencer (as ranked by SAP and MindTouch), a global speaker, and founding member of Global CX Panel and the CXPA.