Business Podcast: It’s Time to Crack The Customer Code!

Customers, and those of us who serve them, have one thing in common, no matter what the industry or situation.

We’re all human!

And as such, humans are messy, complicated and emotional! So why do we keep acting like we’re all logical robots?

The most exciting companies change the game by innovating around their customer experience. They offer things we didn’t even know we wanted and provide service that exceeds our wildest expectations. But these companies also have to do the usual company things – like make money and keep stakeholders happy. How do they balance the two?

These are the types of questions Adam Toporek and I will be covering in our new business podcast: Crack The Customer Code!

business podcast

That’s right, we’re launching a podcast!

Join us weekly as we cover fun topics like why the Apple Store lady video went viral, how Sephora is THE BOMB and more. Plus we interview amazing guests each week! Our premier episode features the one and only Jackie Huba, author of Monster Loyalty: How Lady Gaga Turns Followers Into Fanatics, who shares amazing insights and gives us a sneak peek into her next area of focus. (Spoiler alert: it involves drag queens!)

We also highlight the best and the worst in customer experience examples in the Customer Hero/Customer Zero segment.

Our goal is to have a little fun, learn from the best innovators and business leaders out there, and provide inspiration to those of us doing our best to deliver great customer experiences every day. We really hope you’ll join us!

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