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    Purple Goldfish Hall of Famer–Pizza Shuttle

    Hall of Fame Class of 2012–Pizza Shuttle I’m pretty sure everyone loves pizza. There are just so many ways that you can enjoy it. A variety of crusts, toppings, sauces, and servings really can make just about anyone happy. Plus, because there are so many different places to get


    Purple Goldfish Hall of Famer–Ikea

    Hall of Fame Class of 2012–Ikea I still remember the first time I walked into IKEA. Let’s just say that I once thought walking into Target was going to be a suck on my wallet. Of course, as anyone who has been to IKEA knows, there are ample opportunities to furnish your place for so


    Customer Service is Improved by Matchmaking

    “Your call may be recorded for training and quality purposes.” We’ve all heard this before. Companies use call center recordings for training and compliance purposes. But imagine a solution that uses technology, data and analytics in real-time to automatically match customers


    Personalized Marketing Solutions

    You might have noticed that I talk a lot about customer experience. Perhaps this is because of how important the experience of your customer is–but how little time companies seem to put into making customer experiences special. One thing I’ve noticed is that over the years,


    What Led to Amazon Being a Household Name

    These days, Amazon is practically a household name. Of course, they haven’t always been at the top of the game. In fact, it took a lot of hard work and customer care to get to where they are now. Among companies today, Amazon is arguably the leader in continuously raising the bar. In


    Purple Goldfish Hall of Famer–Kiehl’s

    Hall of Fame Class of 2012–Kiehl’s Try it before you can buy it. Those words are music to my ears. Whether I’m buying a new car, sampling a new flavor of ice cream, or searching for a new pair of shoes–I want to be able to try something before I make my purchase. In


    What Marketing And Change Have In Common

    There are so many marketing companies out there these days doing so many different things. From commanding the digital space to being more effective in branding, marketing companies certainly aren’t lacking in options for their specialty. But while the number of marketing companies


    When Technology Leads to Behavior Changes

    Some might argue technology is making us less human. Others would argue just the opposite. No matter which opinion you share, you can’t dispute the rising trend of personal data collection and its effect on behavior change. But while behavior change might not be your ultimate goal, it can


    Purple Goldfish Hall of Famer–L.L. Bean

    Hall of Fame Class of 2012–L.L. Bean In my experience (and probably yours) the word “no” when it comes to good customer service is unheard of. After all, “no” has a negative connotation in most cases. That’s why when, as a customer, I experience the word


    Purple Goldfish Hall of Famer–Besito

    Hall of Fame Class of 2012–Besito Dining out continues to be a bit of a luxury these days. Whether it’s fast food or a sit down restaurant, the fact is that not every household can afford the perk of eating outside their home. Perhaps that’s why when I go out to dine with my