3 Ways to Stop Creating Poor Experiences

poor experiences

Ever hear of a “stop doing” list?

All the cool kids and productivity gurus have mentioned them. The idea is to create a not-to-do list so you are reminded of tasks you should delegate, ignore, or intentionally decide to cease.

poor experiences

Thinking in these terms, here’s a quick list for 3 things to add to your stop doing list for the second quarter. By stopping this behavior, you’ll be creating fewer poor experiences and more customer-centric growth opportunities.

1. Stop treating old customers like dirt.

Old customers may not be glamorous or new, but they’re the ones paying your salary.

Loyalty should matter, so treat those who are loyal like they are your most important customers, because in many cases, they are. Don’t offer deals and promotions to just new customers. Stop it. It’s mean. Word gets around and customers understand when they are being overlooked.

2. Stop letting complaints go unheeded.

Complaints are calls to action. Stop acting like they are the act of people who “have nothing better to do.” Customers who complain care enough to do so because they would like to see a change. Give them the courtesy of reviewing and acting on what it is.

Old customers may not be glamorous or new, but they’re the ones paying your salary. -@jeanniecw
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3. Stop looking at everything from the inside-out.

Shop owners, walk in the front door sometimes. Service providers, walk through the actual experience of your customers. It’s so easy to get caught up in our own worlds that it takes serious, dedicated effort to get a true outside-in perspective. How do you know what experience you are delivering if you never see it from the correct angle?

Customer-centricity can be painful!

It’s not easy, quick or even rewarding… At first. Stop doing what you know isn’t right. That’s the first step! What can you add to your “stop doing” list?

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