10 Must-Reads for a Better Customer Experience in 2015

We had a great 2014 but more importantly, customers did, too!

Leaders of all types of organizations began to walk the talk around improving their customer experience. We know they craved information which helped them take action and get results, and that’s what our blog is all about.

Are you ready to make 2015 even better?

We’ve gathered 10 of our most powerful posts to help you fuel up the new year with some of the best information and advice we have to share.

Customer Touchpoint

1. What is a Touchpoint?

Understanding customer touchpoints is essential to delivering a superior customer experience. But they must be understood and appreciated from the customer’s perspective. How do you identify the touchpoints that matter the most?

2. 5 Customer Convenience Considerations (Before You Change Anything!)

The desire to get things done easier and faster is not new. Before you start innovating, remember what customers want, and how to deliver it on their terms!

3. Customer or Company Mission?

It’s maddening how much difference a mission statement makes. This post compares the mission statements of two airlines and it’s sure to get you thinking about your own.

4. 13 Tough Questions to Skyrocket Customer Experience Improvement

The truth is hard to face but it’s necessary to become successful. Do you have the grit?

engagement strategies

5. Infographic: Emotion is the Experience

Did you know the brain’s amygdala uses two-thirds of its energy searching for negative experiences? Prevent customers from making negative associations with your brand by creating positive microinteractions.

6. 5 Most Awful Customer Experience Solutions of All Time

Social Media ninjas? Automated replies? The scary part is they once actually seemed like good ideas to someone!

7. What Does it Take to Be a Customer Focused Organization?

As we scale our businesses, our focus on customers can become seriously threatened. How do smart companies maintain a customer-centric culture as they grow?

8. Customer Experience is…What, Exactly?

Obviously, we’ve moved past calling it business jargon, and we explain it much better than Wikipedia does (YAWN.)

9. Think You Know How Customers Feel? 13 Things They’ll Never Tell You

This clever and fun post features funny pictures to get you thinking from a different perspective. What do your customers wish they could tell you?

10. 5 Spectacular Ways to Create the Worst Customer Experience

Studies show that 89% of customers will shop with a competitor after a bad customer experience. Here are five ways you may be driving them to it!

One thing is certain for 2015:

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How are you creating a better customer experience for next year?  Do tell… We’d love to hear about it!


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